Short Sales

We Help Agents

North Carolina law prohibits non-lawyers from negotiating and settling debt on behalf of another, and many aspects of a short sale are considered to be the PRACTICE of LAW.

We understand that real estate agents play a very important role in the short sale process and without a listing agreement and Offer to Purchase and Contract, there is no short sale. We work well with real estate agents, helping them to negotiate their short sales and meet their sellers’ expectations while keeping them in compliance with the law.

Listing Agents win big when working with our Firm, and here’s how:

access_time Save Time and Energy

Short sales require hours upon hours of document preparation, coordination and communication with sellers and their lender(s). It requires all of the duties of a regular listing and much, much more. Instead of hiring another assistant to process your short sales or referring all of your short sales to other agents for a small referral fee, we will provide the support you need to complete your short sales successfully while keeping more of your commissions in your pocket.

gavel Avoid the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Real estate agents should not engage in negotiating debt. Many of the short sales that we handle have multiple liens that need to be negotiated and settled before the short sale can close. Our Firm lawfully negotiates these debts so that you will not have to engage in the unauthorized practice of law.

update Regular Updates

We know that one of the most frustrating aspects of using an attorney to negotiate short sales is the lack of communication. In addition to our accessibility by email and phone, we use an online platform that will allow you to get real-time updates on your short sale(s) any time you want. We normally make updates online at least weekly and often more regularly depending on the stage of the short sale process.

monetization_on No Excessive Fees

We will not kill the deal with our fees. We only get paid if the short sale is successful and we do not require agents to pay our fee.

Experience and Improved Success Rates

Simply put, our experience improves short sale success rates. We’ve salvaged and closed short sales that would have been dead in the water without our participation. Real estate agents, even those who have never completed a short sale or have had bad experiences with short sales in the past, can confidently allow us to negotiate their short sales while they focus on selling more homes.