Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate remains a primary means for Americans to acquire and maintain wealth. The market in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill North Carolina and all surrounding areas is particularly active, making it a great market for buyers/sellers and real estate professionals. However, making decisions without the right advisors could cost buyers and seller significantly.

Brokers, though experienced, still need a competent legal eye to watch over the the closing process and ensure full compliance with regulations. That is what we do here at Becton Law Firm. Our responsibility is to ensure that real estate buyers, sellers and investors are able to realize their dreams of becoming property owners as quickly and smoothly as possible.



By the time you involve our firm to represent you in your real estate closing, you have probably conducted numerous online searches for homes, you’ve driven around town on your own or with your Realtor seeking the perfect home, and you have finally found a home that you want to call your own.  In this due diligence period, you are probably ordering inspections, speaking to insurance agents and clearing loan conditions.  We know that the homebuying process can be time consuming and stressful and we congratulate you for making it to this point!  Our aim is to make the title and closing aspect of your homebuying process as easy and seamless as possible.

Here’s what our office will do for you:

  • We will conduct a title search to ensure that the seller is able to convey clear, marketable title to the property;
  • We will use our title examination to obtain a title insurance commitment for you and your lender;
  • We will communicate with your lender (if applicable) and prepare your closing documents per their requirements;
  • We will prepare the Closing Disclosure and/or HUD-1 Settlement statement that will indicate the sources and uses of funds for your transaction as well as key loan disclosures;
  • We will sit down with you at the closing table and help you to make sure that you are buying the home as agreed in your purchase contract and loan commitment; and
  • We will finalize your sale by recording your deed at the County Register of Deeds Office and disbursing funds per your settlement or Closing Disclosure statement.

We would be happy to handle the settlement aspect of your real estate closing.  If you are interested in initiating a closing or title commitment request, CONTACT US TODAY!



Studies show that selling a home can be one of the most stressful events of a person’s life.  Over the past several months, you have likely had to identify the right real estate agent to help you sell, negotiate a listing agreement with that agent, keep your house in mint condition and ready to show at all times, give strangers an all access pass to your house, and finally negotiate an offer to purchase from a buyer, which may have even included some repair requests.  The whole process can be arduous and filled with ups and downs.

The good news is that the hard part is behind you and you are almost there!  By the time our firm gets involved, you likely already have a contract in place and you are getting ready to close the deal.

Our firm is committed to making sure that there are no surprises at closing. We can prepare all of your closing documents, including the Deed, Seller Disclosure Statement or HUD-1, Lien Waiver Affidavit, etc.  We will order your mortgage loan payoffs and will be responsible for paying off those mortgages immediately after closing.  If you are expecting proceeds from the sale, you can tell us how you would like to receive those proceeds, either by trust check or wire transfer.

We are here to make the rest of your closing process as effortless and convenient as possible.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us!